Going Strong since 1969

Our company is 50 years old!

We’re not entirely sure of the exact day the company was formed. Although we’ve been here a long time, Jeremy and I weren’t around then, Phil wasn’t even born, and the three founding partners have long since retired.

To cover all eventualities we have decided to hold a year of celebrations.

Communication Design Partnership, a.k.a. CDP, sometimes called CPD by mistake (if you know what we do, that’s somehow fitting) was founded by Peter, Barry and Mick (a chartered builder, quantity surveyor and graphic designer respectively). They saw an opportunity for good quality product literature in the construction industry, and started creating material primarily for building product manufacturers who wanted to get their names at the top of architects’ specification sheets.

Fundamentally, that’s why we are still going strong and what we’re still doing today. We still produce technical literature – design for print makes up more than half of our business, although we tend to print lower quantities these days – as well as digital marketing collateral including websites, apps, CPD presentations, sectional and 3D illustrations, animations and fly-thrus, branding, exhibition work, plus all the other associated marketing services work. Nearly all of it aimed at getting specifiers engaged with our clients’ products.

We are proud to say that over half of our team has been with the company for more than 20 years: three of us for more than 30 years. We think this is very rare for a creative organisation, and the lack of churn has enabled us to accumulate a huge amount of construction industry knowledge within the company.

We have worked for multi-national organisations across all continents, but we have also worked with very small companies, helping start-ups develop into sizeable outfits. We have worked on one-off projects through to major campaigns. We have managed to keep nearly all of our 600-plus clients happy, nearly all of the time, retaining many of them for years – one of them, for over 40 years of uninterrupted working partnership.

We have survived three major recessions, the advent of desktop publishing, non-specialist marketing agencies trying to pinch our clients, and ‘full service’ agencies that tend to trip up at the first technically-annotated hurdle.

So thank you to all our clients and staff, past and present, over the last 50 years.

We have no intention of stopping now.

Ashley Collins

Ash Collins is a Writer and Director of Communication Design Partnership, a graphic design agency which specialises in designing and producing literature and digital publishing materials, exclusively for the construction industry.

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