Construction industry CPDs for building product manufacturers

Why use CDP for your construction industry CPDs?

  • How often do building product manufacturers get the chance to present in front of a room full of construction specifiers? Our construction industry CPDs make sure that when you do, you are optimising your marketing potential through a presentation that is appealing, fluid, informative and memorable.
  • Whilst not overtly promotional, the quality and content of the presentation will make an impression on the audience and should reflect the quality and ethos of your product, system or service.
  • We ensure that this happens, writing and producing industry CPDs, mixing in animation and film footage to enliven them, and for many of our clients, steering the whole thing through the RIBA or CPD accreditation process.
  • We can produce compelling construction industry CPDs that will comply with RIBA or the CPD Certification Service and that will help to promote your company and its products/services to specifiers.
  • We can also advise on and help write scripts, hand-outs or notes.
  • Contact us to find out more about our free, no-obligation opportunity to have your Construction industry CPD visual material reviewed, by people who know what architects and specifiers want.
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