Animations and 3D illustrations for building product manufacturers

A sizeable part of CDP’s work these days is about creating 3D objects and from them, rendered illustrations, animations and fly-throughs.

We use Cinema 4D (a sophisticated 3D modelling platform) to create 3D objects (models) of each component. The models are then put together to form the complete product, construction or system. Textures, lighting and shadows are applied as appropriate – and in the case of animations, motion, graphics, voice over and music sequenced – and finally, rendered out to the required size and resolution.

Client references can vary from CAD files, exported to a compatible format, to measuring up actual products or prototypes sent to our office, to interpreting a client’s scribble in an email (back of cigarette packets are no longer in vogue).

In most cases, the animations and 3D illustrations are created as part of a literature, website, exhibition, CPD project, that we are already working on. But sometimes, clients want us to produce these ‘assets’ for projects they are handling themselves.

In all cases, finished files, which have been signed-off and approved can be sent to clients, in the appropriate format, to be ‘re-purposed’ for use with other marketing efforts, e.g. social media, PR, internal communications.

Our showreel above is a taster of just some of the work our studio has created over recent months. We hope you enjoy it. If you want to know more about any of these projects, or how we can help produce something similar for you, please do contact us.

Jeremy Marks

Jeremy Marks is a Writer and Director of Communication Design Partnership, a graphic design agency which specialises in designing and producing literature and digital publishing materials, exclusively for the construction industry.

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